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Welcome to Thermal-Tek

We are dedicated to serving Saskatoon with expertise in a variety of insulation services, from attics to soundproofing and everything in between. We look forward to providing you with superior quality products and workmanship as well as first-class customer service.
"On both a professional and personal level, we really appreciate the time that you and your employees put in to our projects. You are a real asset to our business. Thank-you!"
- Allan Construction
"I’ve so appreciated the service you have given me. It has been prompt and courteous. From the first phone call to the completion of the job. The guys were friendly and early and everything was cleaned up before they left."
- Marlene Buhler
"We take great pride in the product we are providing and you are a huge part in making our Homes the great product that they are. Your quality workmanship is very much appreciated and we enjoy our working relationship with you."
- Ehrenburg Homes
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Latest Update: Sep 19, 2013

As we move into fall in Saskatchewan, we all know what is coming our way. Temperatures begin to drop as winter approaches, and we spend big bucks to keep our home comfortably warm. But few houses are designed to be air tight, and hot air rises. The warm air that is blown into your home is likely seeping into your unprotected attic. There, the air cools in the uninsulated environment, and falls...    read more...