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Attic Work

Blowing attics is the simplest, most cost effective investment you can make towards your the value of your home and the energy efficiency of your house. There is a wide range of products available for installation. Leaders in the industry are fiberglass insulation and Cellulose, which is a recycled paper solution with a fire retardant base.

Simply put, we blow loose fill insulation through a long hose up into your attic hatch, and install it according to the manufacturers specifications in your attic space and the home builder or home owner's desired specifications. The process involves a specific truck that houses the special machinery and material required to do the job.

For the average attic top-up for existing home owners, the job will take approximately an hour. The installers will lay down 2 mil poly (plastic) on the floor from the front door to the attic hatch. In many instances they will be able to feed the hose through a window close to your attic hatch, and minimize the disturbance to your home. When complete, they simply roll up the poly with any loose insulation that may have fallen out of the hatch, and remove it from your home.

Spray Insulation

Spray insulation is the ultimate insulation solution. It barricades the indoors from the outside climate, creating thermal, air and moisture isolation. Because it will not shrink or settle, its incredible thermal and acoustical performance lasts the life of a structure. It is well suited for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Just like with any type of insulation, proper installation technique is imperative. Our team of trained, qualified, and experienced polyurethane spray applicators uses technologically advanced spray systems and sophisticated materials to achieve exceptional results. The products we use increase the energy efficiency of your home, help to prevent water and water vapor migration that can lead to mold growth, and do not contain ozone-depleting chemicals.

Spray insulation offers a highly effective solution in reducing unwanted air infiltration through cracks, seams, and joints. Whether you are retro-fitting a home or choosing insulation when building a new one, spray polyurethane foam is a great way to save on energy costs and improve comfort.
Sound Proofing

It's 11:00 on a Sunday night. Your family just went up to bed and you can't wait to crank up your latest action Blu-ray acquisition. Seconds after the first car explosion, the dreaded foot stomping from above begins. The party's over before it even starts. Frustrated, you vow to remedy the situation and, once and for all, soundproof the family room that doubles as your home theater.

Sound familiar? Ever wonder what it would take to soundproof a home theater/media room/man cave? Or maybe you're building a new home or planning an addition to accommodate a growing family and would like to soundproof your bedroom.

If you have ever wanted to develop a suite in your basement, we have the expertise to sound proof your revenue area and keep your living areas both separate and quiet. Give us a call and we can discuss some options with you.

Friction Fit Batt Insulation

Friction fit batt insulation is simply the installation of traditional fiberglass batts into the wall studs of your home. If you are building a new home, or renovating your existing home, we can quote you on the entire insulation “package”. This package will include the wall batts, vapor barrier, caulking, and attic insulation required to prepare your home for the drywall stage. The process is quite simple, but doing a good job is not. Using any one of our many qualified batting crews, we can ensure the job is properly done, and adheres to the national, provincial, and city building codes as well.

A wall cavity is where the friction fit nature of batts excels. Unfortunately, this is only available when framing is exposed. Friction fit batts, when installed properly are the most cost effective way of insulating a wall cavity, to the desired R value.

When installed as per manufacturer recommendations, friction fit batt insulation will meet or exceed the specifications of any other rated system. The key just like any job, is to do the job properly.